Visiting? What you should expect …

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a Warm Welcome

Expect to be warmly greeted as you enter the church. We strive to be a welcoming community and we are eager to warmly receive visitors.  Someone near the door will greet you and give you a bulletin (which contains everything you will need for the service). 

Our Focus

Expect a service that is aimed at directing your attention to God.  We gather so as to offer to worship God and every part of our worship service is oriented towards Him.

Opportunities to grow

Expect to have the opportunity to find out more.  Each week everyone has the opportunity to fill out one of the informational cards (found in the pews) which help the clergy to know how to pray for specific matters in the lives of parishioners.  This is also a great way to provide your contact information so that you can be kept up to date about what’s happening at St. Marks (primarily through e-mail but we would also be happy to mail you our monthly newsletters).


God’s Word

Expect to hear God’s Word.  We desire to listen carefully to God’s Word, both when it is read and when it is preached upon.  We believe that the primary way that God speaks to His people is through His Word written and so we give time and attention to it in our services.  


Expect to find a church family where all people are valued and cared for.  We give thanks to God that our congregation is multi-generational and hails from every walk of life.  (We highly value our children and during the service we provide childcare for those of nursery age - though you are also welcome to keep your children with you throughout the service). Sunday School is offered each week (September-June).



Our worship is liturgical, which means that we follow a set pattern of prayers, readings, and responses.  Sometimes we stand and at other times we kneel or sit.  It’s ok if this seems strange or new to you!


St. Mark’s Reformed Episcopal Church

1162 Beverly Road
Rydal, Pa 19046
(215) 884-7660

Sunday Worship @ 10 am